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Building Scalable Cloud Foundations with AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower

Whether you're a startup looking to adopt the cloud or a large organization with many teams and workloads, setting up your landing zones and governing your AWS accounts can be a complex and time consuming process. Join our webinar to learn how you can use AWS Control Tower to quickly provision your environment, simplify multi-account management, and build-in security and governance guardrails, allowing you to rapidly resume modernizing and innovating on the cloud.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Best practices for utilizing AWS Control Tower to create, provision and manage AWS accounts
  • Leveraging AWS Control Tower to govern imported AWS accounts
  • Setting guardrails to ensure compliance with company policies and improve your security posture
  • Automating infrastructure provisioning through the AWS Control Tower Customization Pipeline 
  • New AWS Control Tower features: Account Factory for Terraform
  • Caylent's AWS Control Tower Catalyst

Meet The Hosts

Randall Hunt (300X300)

Randall Hunt

VP, Cloud Strategy & Solutions

Jim Rosser (300X300)

Jim Rosser

Senior Customer Solution Architect

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