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GitOps: What It Is and Why You Need It

Learn about the benefits of GitOps and how the publicly available Caylent Accelerator to get a 3-4 week head start on implementation. 


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GitOps is a developer-friendly workflow for managing Kubernetes-based deployments. When implemented properly, developers can spend their time on code and not on infrastructure deployment and security management.

After this webinar, you will have:

  • A solid understanding of what GitOps is and what benefits it can bring to your organization
  • A game plan of how to get started
  • Knowledge of how accelerators jumpstart your progress

This webinar is best for: Directors, Vice Presidents, Lead Architects, IT Team Managers.

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About the Speaker
James Adams

James Adams is a fervent technologist with over two decades of experience in IT.  He spent the first decade of his career as a professional software developer, architect and team lead developing global, distributed products on the web.  The second decade was spent as as a consultant and executive within professional services, with a focus on emerging technologies and practices including Cloud Infrastructure, various flavors of DevOps, Machine Learning and Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality.  He is presently the Vice President of Professional Services at Caylent, a Cloud-Native Tech Consultancy.