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Immersion Day: Storage & Disaster Recovery on AWS

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Organizations are generating exponentially increasing volumes of information and finding themselves with a need to back up and archive that data for the long-term. Customers in industries including financial services and healthcare may be subject to regulatory requirements mandating that they retain data for years, or even indefinitely. In addition to duration, these regulatory requirements and the customer's own business policies often place specific requirements on how data is stored. 

Subsequently, organizations need to plan for IT disasters such as datacenter failures, server corruptions, or cyber-attacks, that can not only disrupt the business, but also cause data loss, impact revenue, and damage reputation for your customers. Work on disaster recovery starts by tiering your workloads and defining the recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) for each tier. A disaster recovery (DR) strategy is then created by defining objectives such as: backup and restore, active/passive (pilot light or warm standby), or active/active.

AWS can help customers solve for storage and disaster recovery requirements through the use of services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, Amazon EBS, Tape Gateway, AWS Storage Gateway, and Amazon S3 Glacier. 


Date: October 20, 2021

Time: 12pm-4pm ET


Time Module Type Description

12:00 PM  - 1:30 PM

Storage & DR on AWS Overview & Best Practices


An introduction to AWS Storage & DR including AWS services, how to properly prepare for storage and DR in AWS and customer references.

1:30 PM - 1:45 PM



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1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Migrating Data to AWS Lab


In this lab, you will simulate the migration of a legacy on-prem file system to Amazon S3. You will use AWS DataSync to migrate data from on-premises to AWS. You will then use AWS Storage Gateway to present a file system back to on-premises

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Disaster Recovery on AWS Demo 


In this demo you will learn how to create a DR plan to protect critical application resources by leveraging CloudEndure.

3:45 PM - 4:00 PM

Conclusion & Next Steps


Q&A and share resources for next steps


Meet The Speakers

Ross Lawrie

Ross Lawrie

Ross Lawrie is a Senior Customer Solutions Architect with Caylent. He works with our sales teams to understand the challenges our customers are facing, and helps determine and design a wide range of AWS-based solutions to meet their needs.

Rajeswari Malladi

Rajeswari Malladi

Rajeswari Malladi is a Solutions Architect with AWS working in the North East Greenfield team. She works with customers to build highly scalable, flexible, and resilient cloud architectures that address their business problems and accelerate the adoption of AWS services.

George Gallo

George Gallo

George Gallo is a Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services. George helps AWS customers design scalable, secure, and highly-available cloud solutions. He enjoys biking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will AWS Accounts be provided?

Yes, we will be providing pre-configured AWS accounts for the lab. You will receive an email the day before with your unique lab account credentials

Do I need AWS experience to participate?

No, this is an introductory course, open to all levels of AWS experience.

Is this Immersion day only for technical roles?

No, the presentations at the beginning of the event are for all audiences. Participation in the labs are optional.